September 2019

Easter is here!

Lime Rock Baptist Misses You!

As summer draws to a close, we hope you've had a relaxing one. With fall on the horizon, Sunday morning services are moving back into the sanctuary, and choir will be performing again soon. It's time to bring our church family back together for worship! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!



Sunday School Rally Day - September 22

To allow folks time to get settled back into their fall routine, we're starting Sunday School on the 22nd this year. Our new curriculum comes to us from Better Bible Teachers, and we're excited to begin a new program year with memory verses, games, and music, focusing on core bible stories. Our team of teachers will have access to online resources, including videos, to help get the various messages across.

Our first lesson series, Walls and Waves, will spend 5 weeks on Joshua's adventures. At the end of October, we'll move on to The Promise Keeper, a 6 week program on the life of Abraham. Then in December, we'll learn about the Christmas story with the 4 week program Glow Tell It On the Mountain to close out 2019. We're going to follow the recommended curriculum schedule at the website, and there are so many great series available, I can't wait to see what 2020 will bring!

If you're interested in helping teach from time to time, see Amy Brown for scheduling. We have a great group of kids and the lesson materials provide everything you need to succeed!

Sunday School Superintendent,
Amy Brown



Pastor’s Comment

Summer is in its waining days, school is about to open, the choir is returning and the new program year is about to begin at Lime Rock Baptist Church. We did our best to avoid the heat as we gathered outside for Summer worship. We managed to struggle through the hottest July on record.

Callie Cranshaw enjoys the message given by Pastor Gene at the outdoor chapel on August 4th

Callie Cranshaw enjoys the message given by Pastor Gene at the outdoor chapel on August 4th

Perhaps the highlight event of the Summer was the Baptism of Jack Armstrong in the lake at Lincoln Woods Park. It is not every Sunday a pastor gets to take a dip in the lake before worship. Jack enjoyed a swim back to shore. It is a blessing to formally welcome a young man into our Christian community and into the universe Church.

Meanwhile, the meditation group did not skip a beat. We met in air-conditioned comfort in a Summer venue. The meditation program will continue as the group returns to our sanctuary in September. The September 24th session will be Zen for Beginners. So, anyone curious about meditation or interested in starting a practice is welcome to join us.

While the days are getting shorter, we are still a long way from Autumn’s spectacle of color. Nonetheless, there is something innately exciting about a new beginning. When Sunday school starts, we will again enjoy the delightful presence and sounds of our children. Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday.




Letter of Thanks from Christina Gosselin

Dear LRBC Community,

I have so much to thank this church for. First, I want to thank the church for the very generous scholarship. I feel honored to have received the Bertha Lawton Crompton Scholarship. I will come home to continue the collection for Love Gift in March. Second, I want to thank the choir. When I joined the choir when I was eleven, I had no idea the amount of kindness and love that would be shown to me. I am so lucky to have been surrounded by such an amazing group of people. I will always remember the words of wisdom from Jeri and Caitlin, the laughs from Rob Turner, and Alvin’s huge smile. I love every one of you and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in your choir. Lastly, thank you to the rest of my church family for the love you have given me since I was a little girl. This letter is not a goodbye (I can guarantee I will be back often), but and indication of my gratitude for everyone at LRBC.




Social Justice Advocacy

Gene and peace co.jpg

Religious leaders from a variety of traditions have formed the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom. While they do not speak for their denomination or congregation, they lend their own voice to the issue.



Lime Rock Zen

The meditation program enters a new program year at Lime Rock Baptist Church. The Zendo has been meeting at an air-conditioned Summer location in East Providence. We are returning to the Lime Rock sanctuary Tuesday, September 24 at 7:00 pm with a special session for beginners.

The meditation program has adopted an interfaith approach to contemplative prayer, synchronizing Christian Contemplative practice within a Zen Buddhist format. The program operates under the supervision and leadership of The Rev. Eugene Dyszlewski, a Baptist pastor trained in the Tibetan meditation tradition, as well as, two lineage holders from the Daystar Zendo, Sensei Cynthia Taberner and Fr. Kevin Hunt, Roshi, a Zen master and a Trappist Monk.

Zen contributes a format and viewpoint that emerges from Buddhism. It has deep roots going back 2,500 years to India. In itself it is not a religion but a “way,” an approach to the spiritual path. We take the view that the spiritual journey is more about being open to the world than belonging to a club. The contemplative traditions of Christianity and Buddhism recognize that various and different means are needed to assist as many people as possible on the common journey through life.

Meditation has been demonstrated to be effective for stress reduction. In addition, some concentration and mindfulness techniques are evidence based practices which allow us to become less reactive to negative life situations. Over time many participants develop habitual prosocial responses rather than engage in the habitual repetition of maladaptive behavior. Perhaps more importantly, meditation promotes spiritual health and well-being. It helps us appreciate life as a spiritual journey.

All are welcome! If you are interested in starting a practice or if you have an established practice and wish to join us, we would love to have you sit with us. We appreciate the the blessing of your presence. For more information about the program please consult our Web site or contact Rev. Eugene Dyszlewski at or 401-345-7291.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.”- Rumi

View the Full Zen Meeting Schedule Here


Children’s Sunday


A Wonderful Update

Photo submitted by bill Austin

Photo submitted by bill Austin

Here is a picture of Rev. Mike Burch, enjoying some time with his baby girl, Vania Juliana Burch Aquino – May God bless Rev. Mike and his beautiful family!


April 2019

Easter is here!

Dear Friends and Congregants,

Spring is replacing winter and we are nearing the end of our Lenten Journey. Holy Week begins in just a few days, with Palm Sunday. Unlike Christmas, there are fewer preparations to make for Easter. Thankfully nature provides most of the decorations, as Spring flowers are already greeting us with their gentle presence. I would like to suggest that preparation for Easter is internal; it is spiritual.

I fondly hope that you will join me and your church family as we gather in prayer and worship during Holy Week. Palm Sunday begins the week with pageantry. But, we know that triumph soon transitions into sadness. On Maundy Thursday we will gather to celebrate and remember the last supper. We will also hear the Gospel account of Jesus’ passion and death. The movement through sorrow to joy is the message of Holy Week. Easter is more fully appreciated as a triumph when seen in this way.

Easter isn’t just about an empty tomb. It is a celebration of the entire life and message of Christ. Easter is also about our transformation…our awakening to seeing the world imbued with the sacred. Easter is knowing and understanding in our heart of hearts that love is the greatest power in the universe.

Happy Easter!
Rev. Gene



The Sunday School needs YOU!

This fall, we are in need of a new teacher (or teachers) to lead our Sunday School class. Ideally, we'd like someone willing to commit to the full school year of September to June, but we can also work with folks willing to take a month or two (or more) at a time. Curriculum materials can be provided by the Christian Education Committee, along with whatever supplies might be needed, and we have several willing substitute teachers to cover the weeks you can't attend.

I'm hoping to line up the new teacher(s) before class breaks for summer in a couple of months, so we can pick out the fall curriculum with the new volunteer(s) in mind. If you're interested, you can see me after church, or send me an email at

Thanks in advance!

Amy Brown
Sunday School Superintendent



Maundy Thursday

A night to reflect on the events that took place on the night before Jesus’ crucifixion.

Often, I’ll hear LRBC choir members mention just how moving the Maundy Thursday service can be, and then go on to say, “It’s too bad so few were here to experience this.”

I know, midweek services can be challenging to attend, but please consider coming to this moving service. The thoughtful music, the Tenebrae, the reflection… I promise you won’t regret it.

The Choir will sing “Awake, Alone in Gethsemane” arranged by Mary McDonald, words by Julie I Myers. This is a choir favorite that incorporates the tune: ABERYSTWYTH and “Moonlight Sonata”

We’ll also sing “Mercy (O Sacred Head)” words and music by Joel Shoemake and Barry French, arranged by Heather Sorenson. Featuring soprano soloist Helena Widmann. This is a new song for the choir which has quickly become another favorite. This piece combines the classic hymn “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded” with the chant Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Jerilyn Cranshaw
Music Minister



Easter Plants

The Easter Plant order forms are due tomorrow April, 15th. Copies of the forms are available in the narthex. If you are unable to attend tomorrows church service, you can email your order to and mail a check maid payable to Lime Rock Baptist Church



Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 14 at 10am

Maundy Thursday / Tenebrae Service
Thursday, April 18 at 7pm
This will be a solemn candle lit Communion Service remembering the Last Supper and the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 21 at 10am
A festive Easter Sunday Worship Service celebrating the resurrection of Christ.


Pictures from Previous Events


Christmas Pageant


Ruth’s 100th Birthday Party


St. Pat’s Dinner

December 2018


You’re invited to:

Ruth Bury’s 100th Birthday Celebration!

Sunday, January 20th at Lime Rock Baptist Church
immediately following the service (11:00am).

Please join us in this monumental celebration for Ruth, a beloved friend of LRBC!

Thank you to all who came to the Harvest Supper.

It was a great night with delicious food and wonderful fellowship!


Please keep the Perry family in your thoughts and prayers.

Long time LRBC Member, Oliver H.J. Perry, II passed away a day shy of his 96thbirthday. Oliver was a dedicated parishioner and will be sorely missed.

Click the link below to view Mr. Perry’s obituary and leave condolences for the family.

Christian Zen At Lime Rock Baptist Church

A Spiritual Journey

At the October meeting of the Lime Rock Meditation Group we adopted a Zen format for the session. This gives us a regular structure for the meetings and allows us to invite “Guiding Teachers” from the Zen tradition. We are fortunate to have an affiliation with the Day Star Zendo, a Christian Zen group at the Trappist Abbey of Mount St. Mary’s in Wrentham, Massachusetts. We are blessed with the bounty of spiritual traditions from the East and the West.

The Zen meeting is structured in three parts after a brief beginning ceremony. There is a sitting meditation, a walking meditation and a teaching moment. Participants are invited to choose the style of sitting that they find comfortable. You may sit Asian style, on a pillow and a cushion, or you may choose to sit European Style, on chair or pew.

We encourage people who may be interested in meditation and may never have done this to join us. We have “Zen for Beginners” orientation sessions on the first session of each month. Skilled or otherwise, we appreciate the blessing of your presence. See schedule below:

Meditation Schedule for December 2018

Sessions held Tuesdays at 7:00pm

December 18

Meditation Schedule for 2019

Sessions held Tuesdays at 7:00pm

January 15
Zen for Beginners

January 29

February 12
Zen for Beginners

February 26

March 12

March 26

April 9

April 23

May 7

May 21

June 4

June 18

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”


The Christmas Eve Service will be at 10:00pm

An evening of readings and carols, with candle light service.

Hanging of the Greens

This took place on November 25th, following Sunday Service. Many hands made light work.

Thank you to the many volunteers who hung the Christmas decorations in record timing.


November 2018


Our newsletter has gone digital!

The Lime Rocker has been a publication that provides the LRBC community with information about LRBC programs, services, and events. It also informs readers about upcoming opportunities to participate with other members.

The past few years have seen rapid change in the way that people seek and receive information. Many people seek their news on digital platforms such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. An essential part of our work is to communicate effectively so we must keep up-to-date with peoples preferred ways of receiving information.

We need to make sure that our limited resources are effective. We have made the difficult decision to redirect some of our resources from print to the digital world. The next issue of the Lime Rocker will be published on Dec 1st, 2018, and will be delivered right to your email, a link will be provided to the newsletter on our website.

The time and expense that we save by this decision will be redirected into a monthly newsletter and an increased social media presence for on-the-spot updates. We will continue to provide the LRBC community with information about LRBC programs, religious services, and events as well as inform readers about upcoming opportunities to participate in fellowship. We are hopeful this will also draw traffic to the website for our updated calendar and an ever-growing list of community resources.

If you would like to provide comments about this change, please email, give us a call 401-334-2999 or come and see us after Sunday Services. We certainly understand that some members do not have access to the internet, if this is the case and you would still like updates please contact us to let us know.

To receive the electronic newsletter, please be sure to email Jerilyn at

Harvest Pot-Luck Dinner


November 3, 2018 – 5PM

Lime Rock Baptist Church

Sign-up in the Narthex


Fellowship with the LRBC Family

A potluck Dish of Your Choosing


Laughter and Cranberry sauce(s)!

All the Pies!


Fall Meditation Program

The Meditation Program moves into the Fall with an expanded schedule. The group will meet more frequently, every other week. This will allow the experienced participants to have more time with contemplative practice and more opportunities to learn new styles of contemplation. We continue to welcome new participants, which includes members from the community.

In our new format the session will begin with a period of contemplation and will be followed by a time for teaching. Occasionally different styles of meditation will be offered, such as Compassion Practices. We are also plan to have guest experts attend. Fr. Kevin Hunt, O.S.C.O. a Trappist Monk and a Zen Priest and Sensei Cindy Taberner, a Zen Priest will introduce us to the Zen tradition of meditation.

All are welcome! If you have a practice, are just starting a practice or simply interested in learning more about meditation, please join us. There is no charge associated with the session. We appreciate the blessing of your presence. If you have an established practice and simply wish to join us, we would love to have you sit with us.

Fall Meditation Schedule:

November 13th @ 7:00 pm Meditation

November 27th @ 7:00 pm Compassion Meditation

December 4th @ 7:00 pm Meditation

December 18th @ 7:00 pm Meditation

Guest Guiding Meditation Teachers

Fr. Kevin Jiun Hunt, O.C.S.O., Roshi, is a monk of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. He is a Catholic priest and a Trappist monk of over fifty years. Certified as a Zen teacher in the White Plum Asanga of the Soto tradition.

Cynthia Kin Ryu Tabernerreceived Dharma Transmission in 2017 from her teacher, Kevin Jiun Hunt, OCSO, Roshi. She Practiced Vipassana for many years before being introduced to Zen. She is a certified Zen teacher also in the Soto tradition.

-Submitted by Rev. Gene


Church Clean Up

Thank you to everyone who helped during our church cleanup. Volunteers spent the day moving signs, clearing brush, digging trenches, vacuuming, and polishing windows. Thank you also to the Choiniere, Tucker, and Cranshaw kids who enjoyed helping the elder property committee members complete their tasks, their abundance of energy was not wasted.


Baby Dedication

Alexandra Bee Garneau was dedicated on June 3rd. Many family and friends came to celebrate. We welcomed Alex to Lime Rock with open arms. Congratulations to parents, Alysha Hamel & Kevin Garneau. Grandparents, Michael & Lori Hamel, and Great-Grandparents John & Muriel Andreoni.


New Fundraiser

Our new fundraiser started October 15th. How long will it take to fill that giant coin jug in the church narthex?

You may feel like a drop in the bucket. But every drop counts! A bunch of little donations can make a big difference.

Bertha Lawton Crompton Scholarship


The Bertha Lawton Crompton Scholarship committee is pleased to announce Drew Miller as the 2018-19 recipient.

Congratulations, Drew!

A Note from the Recipient…

“Thank you for the Bertha Lawton Scholarship. The money will be a great help in pay for books and other expenses during my Junior year at the University of Rhode Island. I am currently studying Kinesiology in hopes of becoming a physical education teacher. This summer I have been working part time at Stop and Shop and have recently started fishing commercially for striped bass in Massachusetts.”
Drew Miller

Children’s Sunday Celebration

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Matt. 4:19

Children’s Sunday was June 10th, The Sunday School led the service and did a wonderful job! We celebrated the end of the school year with hot dogs and Palagi’s Ice Cream truck.

Thank you to our Sunday School teachers, Caitlyn Choiniere, and Kathy Tucker for their hard work and dedication. With your guidance the Sunday School had another successful year!


The Baptist Peacemakers Meeting

The Baptist Peacemakers of RI will meet at Lime Rock Baptist Church at on Sunday, November 11th 1:30pm. All are welcome. Refreshments and coffee available.

Christian Ed Meeting

November 4th 11:00 am

All are welcome to attend this important meeting.

Church BBQ

Thank you to Amy Brown, for taking charge of the BBQ, and all who attended and worked the grills or cleaned up. It was a wonderful event with delicious food and fellowship!


Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is open to those in need every other Saturday, 9am - 10am. It is also open to Lincoln residents only every other Tuesday, 5pm - 6pm. Please bring a photo ID. If your ID is expired or your address is not up to date, please bring along a matching utility bill or other proof of residency

LRBC Food Pantry Schedule for Oct and Nov 2018
Saturdays 9-10am • Oct 6th & 20th and Nov 3rd & 17th
Tuesdays 5-6pm • Oct 9th & 23rd and Oct 6th & 20th

Garden Committee

Thank you to the garden committee for another bountiful harvest in the community garden. Pastor Gene submitted the following photos, proof of your hard work and dedication. You all get the green thumb award of green thumbs!