During the summer, on days where weather is permitting, services are held in our beautiful outdoor chapel.

When first approaching the serene outdoor chapel, one gets the impression that it grows almost naturally out of the edge of a perfectly situated forest that contours the chapel space. The fact is however, that the chapel was built with a lot of hard work and generosity, and continues to be maintained by dedicated church members. During the summer months Lime Rock holds almost all of its services in the shady chapel, moving indoors on rainy summer Sundays. 

At the Center of the outdoor chapel is a stone bell tower about 40 feet high that displays the old Fairlawn fire house bell, now a sacred sound on Sunday mornings. Every Sunday morning at 10:00 am a church member rings the old bell ten times to commence our services. There is no mistaking that sound.

The outdoor chapel can be reserved for weddings or other special events through contacting the Minister (Rev. Eugene Dyszlewski, edyszlewski@gmail.com) or the Chair of the Property Committee (Ron Rivet, ronrivet@cox.net). There is a fellowship hall in the lower level of the church that can also be rented for receptions or gatherings.

The Outdoor Chapel History

The outdoor chapel was not even a dream until a bell was donated to the Lime Rock Baptist in the 1970's by Jessie and Alice Knowles.

This 1899 bell was in the Fairlawn Fire Station bell tower for many years until Jessie Knowles had the building torn down to make way for a newer use of his land. Hence, the bell came available.

For many years thereafter, the bell was stored in Dick and Doris Johnson's barn, ultimately making its way to the present location.

May 1991: "The Hole" was dug, under Herb O'Rourke and Dick Theodoroff's supervision.

September 29, 1991: A Thanksgiving and Blessing Service for the outdoor chapel site was conducted. A large group attended including Rev. Peer Carman, Rev. Everett Bauer, Alice Knowles, Hubert O'Rourke and Richard and Lillie Johanson.

September 5, 1992: Herb O'Rourke, Bob Tucker and Dick Theodoroff still at work.

June 1995: The outside chapel altar was completed.


December 12, 1999: The chapel bell was installed by Herb O'Rourke and Bob Tucker and was rung for the first time.

December 31, 1999: A "New Years Watch Night Service" was held at the bell tower site and the newly installed bell, caste in 1899, was rung at midnight to usher out the old and herald in the new Millennium.

October 2, 2004: The first wedding was held at the not yet completed outdoor chapel, where Jennifer Taylor and Trevor Clarke exchanged vows with Rev. G. Travis Norvell.

October-November 2007: Under Bernie Plante and Paul Bateson's supervision of a crew consisting of Ron Rivet, Al Lawton and Steve Allen, the roof over the bell tower (designed by Bernie Plante) was completed. Then the pathway from the bell tower to the alter was completed. Shortly thereafter a new cross to replace the old one was built by Bernie Plante and erected by Bernie Plante and his crew.

May 2008: Bernie Plante, Paul Bateson, Ron Rivet, Matthew Lawton and Al Lawton place the new benches at the outdoor chapel. The benches were donated by Betty and Forrest Lawton's children (Janice, Albert and Wayne) in memory of their parents.

July 13, 2008: The first Sunday Worship Service was held at the outdoor chapel. Deacon Christine Maino was the reader of the Gospel and Scripture lessons. Deacon Albert Lawton gave the Sermon "Christian Faith and the Resurrection" and music was provided by Richard Anatone, Pianist.

July 2008: Jim and Denise Metz donated two flower urns for the Outside Chapel alter.

August 3, 2008: The first Communion Sunday Worship Service, was conducted by Rev. Travis Norvell, was held at the Outdoor Chapel.

In the spring of 2009 trees and bushes were planted through a donation by the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Etta and Americo Pasquazzi, in memory of their grand and great grand parents.